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    As Independent Filmmakers, it is quite a challenge to raise funds to produce a movie, especially using traditional investment channels. We understand the risks involving film investment, but this is an important film whose 70+ year-old message still resonates in the modern world. We know that with the proper financial support we will create a product that can compete in the marketplace and attract a worldwide audience, especially young people. This genre of film that tackles this period of history has also proven to be profitable.

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    Backers will be rewarded for their interest and support. In addition to the ROI, backer rewards include Combo DVD/BluRay sets, T-shirts, Limited Edition signed posters, VIP tickets to the Red Carpet Premiere in Los Angeles, etc. We take pride in being able to share the moviemaking process with our backers along with the ROI and other rewards.

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  • FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    We know that potential backers have questions about the film, distribution, marketing and ROI. We created a comprehesive and detailed business plan. Backer support is greatly appreciated and will help us deliver the best movie possible. The story, subject matter and potential worldwide audience are important to raise awareness about this period of history.

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orestes matacena

Orestes explains why he wrote the screenplay named "Swastika" and why it is so important to produce this movie.

promotional video

Simple images capture the profound tragedy of the evil Third Reich bringing Poland to its knees and why we must make sure this will never happen again.

Orna Rachovitsky

Orna clearly explains in detail the importance of why such an important movie as Swastika must be made and the candle should always be lit.

Thank You Backers

Thank you in advance for helping us produce such an important and profound movie such as SWASTIKA, so this generation will keep the candle lit and make sure that what happened during WWII will not ever happen again.

Orestes Matacena, Director Orna Rachovitsky, Producer